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April/May 2003: new versions

Adamas 1.8 Draconis
ARAnyM 0.8.0beta3 ARAnyM
AtarICQ 0.157 Gokmase
CAT 5.24 Dimitri Junker
DGEM 0.16 Rajah Lone
EasyMiNT 1.5 EasyMiNT
Egale 4.1 Reitter IT&Media
fVDI Catcher 1.0 Rajah Lone
Keytab 10 ACS Pro
Manitor 1.0.2 Gerhard Stoll
MusicEdit 7.7 MusicEdit


May 6th, 2003

MyAtari Awards

The results of the MyAtari Awards are available on their site. So, you will know everything about the best software, the best developper, and so on.



STune becomes free

STune is a strategy game project (a Dune-like game). Its authors don't want to develop it anymore, they prefer making an open source project instead of stopping everything. Thus, sources are freely downloadable.

The Orphaned Projects Page



It deals with a new soundchip music compilation for all Ataris. It's the 3rd release from the crew YM Rockerz.

YM Rockerz


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