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March 2003: new versions

AHCX 2 Henk Robbers
AtarICQ 0.156 Gokmase
AtarIRC 1.24 Encom
ARAnyM 0.8.0beta1 ARAnyM
EED RGF Software
Luna 2.10 build 4529 RGF Software
NetHack 3.4.1 NetHack
Teradesk 2.3 Henk Robbers


March 14th, 2003

ST Magazine New Generation

The web site of the new version of ST Magazine (formerly AtTOS) is ready. The 129th issue has been released at the end of February.

ST Magazine


4 new orphans

The sources of four new applications are available: TOS 404 (Falcon emulator for PC), Dsprog (sound tool), M-Text (word processor) and Cyber Paint (painting).

The Orphaned Projects Page


Fading Twilight 7

The crew TSCC is back with a new music compilation (MP3, soundtracks...) composed by atarists.



New MJJ Prod demo

MJJ Prod has realized a little demo during the Iradium Party 2003 (Gap, France). It runs from the 520 STF to the Falcon.

MJJ Prod


March 27, 2003

Project: Coldfire card for Falcon

A new project has begun: an accelerator card with a Coldfire V4 processor inside (running at 200 MHz), exclusively for the Falcon. It will support SDRAM memory and several extensions are planned: USB, IDE, SCSI, PCI bus, etc.

Falcon Coldfire project (German page)


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