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March 7th, 2002

AtlanTOS and ATSF

AtlanTOS is the new name for the xTOS computer. Concerning the ATSF (Atari/TOS Software Foundation), the German section will be launched in a few days. The English and French sections will be created latter (the translations need a lot of time).



ATTOS issue 4

This French fanzine is still dedicated to 16/32-bit Atari computers. In this fourth issue, you will find articles about: Calamus SL 2002, Chu Chu Rocket, DivX codecs, MagiC and MagiCMac, etc.



MyAtari: March issue

In this issue: articles about MIDI music (with the test and a short tutorial of ACE MIDI), the future of Atari computers, and so on. More articles will be added later.




After a long time of development (2.5 years), a demo version of ACE MIDI is available. It is a MIDI synthesiser and it only works on Falcon. The complete version will cost 79 euros.



New Sparemint packages

Every FreeMiNT user should have a look at SpareMiNT's pages because there are new programs for this OS: base, bash, bash-completion, bash-doc, minicom and Sharity-Light.



More abandoned Atari software

Some programs were added to the Orphaned Project Page: STOS, Two-in-one, Equation Calculation 1.5 and Alert Help. If you want to help developping these programs, you know where you have to go.

The Orphaned Project Page


The #atariscne Gallery

This new Web site contains some pictures of those strange dudes who like chatting on the #atariscne IRC channel. If you are one of these creatures, don't hesitate to put information about you :-)

#atariscne gallery


March 6th, 2002

Alive! issue 4

The Atari demo scene is still alive and this new issue of Alive! brings you more than 70 articles! This diskmag should work on ST/STe/TT/Falcon computers and emulators. Alive! is definitively the ultimate disk magazine for all Atari sceners.



XaAES v0.942

XaAES is the only free multitasking GEM AES for FreeMiNT. This new version kills some nasty display bugs. You can download both sources and binaries.



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