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February 2003: new versions

ARAnyM 0.7.0 ARAnyM
Find It 2.06 ERS
HighWire 0.1.1 HighWire
Porthos 3.2
XaAES 0.963 XaAES


February 11th, 2003

The first demo from Line Out

Line Out is a new demomaking crew, its members come from FUN. Their first demo, called Delta, is probably one of the best Falcon demo ever realized. Technical effects are both good and original.



Free penguin

HomePage Penguin is freeware now. This software, available on several platforms, allows the creation of Web pages.

HomePage Penguin


Chosneck #3

The first issue of this diskmag is available for every Falcon with at least 14 MB of RAM. It includes tons of articles (in English).



DBUG menu 175

The crew DBUG has just released its 175th compilation. It contains two games: Godpey and Walls of Illusion.



MJJ Prod: Plasma

MJJ Prod has released a little intro for ST. It's a plasma. The intro doesn't run on Falcon.



ST Magazine resurrected

The French fanzine AtTOS is known as ST Magazine New Generation now. The first issue should be released within the next few days.



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