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February 14th, 2002

ST Computer: February issue

Inside this issue: MagiC Mac 6.2 and the iBook, the crew Atari Teenage Riots, software tests (Arthur2002, Organizer...), articles about MIDI music, etc.

ST Computer


MyAtari: February issue

Few but various articles: the return of Atari video game systems in UK stores, Atari 8-bit emulation, a review of Atari-Source's Web site, etc.



CT60: produced very soon

According to Rodolphe Czuba, he should start producing the CT60 by the end of the month. The 68060 running at 66 MHz works perfectly, but it isn't any more the case when it is overclocked to 80 MHz.



Schematics from xTOS

The schematics of the Pegasus board is available on xTOS' site.



Fading Twilight 4

The 4th issue of this famous music collection is available. A good thousand of musics await the music lovers: this CD-Rom is full of soundchips, soundtracks and MP3.



Graoumf Tracker v0.8779

Available for some months as open source, Graoumf Tracker has been revisited and debugged by YesCREW. This version is faster, more compatible and brings new features.

Graoumf Tracker


ARAnyM v0.0.21

This very new version features IDE emulation and an updated user documentation.



Steem v2.1

Another update for this famous emulator. Except the usual bug corrections, there are new functions: brightness and contrast can be customized, up to 8 PC joysticks can be used, slow speed motion, more MIDI options, etc.



New plugins for EscPaint

The crew Escape proposes three new plugins for their true colour painting software called EscPaint. They are called "Blender", "Lighting" and "Spray".



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