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December 2002/January 2003: new versions

Ace Midi 1.06 New Beat
AtarICQ 0.155 Gokmase
Cresus beta 4 Rajah Lone
HighWire 1.0 HighWire
Quick DSP 0.13a DHS
Teradesk 2.01 Teradesk
XaAES 0.993 XaAES
UPX 1.23 UPX


January 10th, 2003

A new Falcon demo

This demo was coded by the Cool Girls for Christmas. It only works on Falcons with at least 14 MB of RAM.

Cool Girls


New game from the Gods

The Reservoir Gods have released an action game called SuperFly. The player drives several kinds of vehicles and must avoid all the obstacles on his road. SuperFly works on all Ataris, from STFM to Falcon, with at least 1 MB of RAM.

Le groupe Reservoir Gods a réalisé un jeu d'action appelé SuperFly. Aux commandes de plusieurs moyens de transport, le joueur doit parcourir des niveaux en évitant les obstacles. SuperFly fonctionne sur tous les Atari, du STF au Falcon, avec au minimum 1 Mo de RAM.

Reservoir Gods


USB interface for Atari

Guus Assmann has produced some prototypes of his USB interface for 8-bit Atari computers (XE and XL). This interface must be plugged into the cartridge port and offers two USB ports. It may be adapted to 16/32-bit computers.

Projet USBCart


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